Dana L. Miller

My vision as your Member of Parliament is to build an understanding that together we can protect our environment and enrich our lives socially and economically.

Dana’s Mission

To protect, preserve and share, for now and future generations, the second largest country, with the most natural resources – the jewel in the crown of the world; Canada, strong and free.

Dana shares the concerns of our community: the protection of waterways, agricultural lands, migratory bird paths, sensitive eco-systems, earth, air and water, a quality of life free from unnecessary environmental health and safety, pollutants and hazards for Delta-Richmond East residents. Our future prosperity locally and globally lay within our ability to grow economically with long term social and environmental considerations toward local communities.

June 2004, Dana was the first Green Party of Canada (GPC) candidate in the Electoral District Association (EDA), she co-created in Delta-Richmond East (DRE). Dana was the first GPC Human Rights Shadow Cabinet member. Dana left the GPC, to have a democratic voice and co-created the unregistered federal Peace and Ecology Party. She served as the first interim leader.

Dana joined the Liberal Party of Canada when the Honourable, Stephane Dion, former Environment Minister, became leader. Stephane Dion’s dedication toward the protection of our environment and the Liberal Party of Canada’s continued preservation of our Human Rights and Equality were reasons for Dana to join the Liberal Party of Canada.

April 4th, 2007, Dana became the Liberal candidate for Delta-Richmond East. Dana will serve in parliament with balanced representation and the inspiration of her mother’s words, “When you look in the mirror, be sure you respect who you see.”


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